Have you ever had an inadvertent conversation with a know-it-all? There is no point in bringing up reason or logic because this individual has an answer for everything.

This is how mine went:

My thought: I would like to read a book about an average Christian and how God impacted her life.

Mindreader: Why don’t you write it?

Me: Are you kidding? I’ve never dreamed of writing or becoming an author. I wouldn’t even know how to go about it.

Know-it-All: You could learn. Did you notice that Heart of America Christian Writers Network website about a conference in your area?

Myself: Yes, but it’s expensive.

God: Following me is costly, but its worth it.

I: You know I’ve gotten myself in trouble too many times with saying things better left unsaid.

God: I let that happen for you to realize how much power there is in words. Now that you have an inkling of that, write!

Me: What about that quilt ministry i was involved with? That was serving you.

God: Yes it was, but that was your idea and it didn’t go as you planned. You and I don’t think the same, I have something different in mind.

Myself: You know how uneventful my life is. Writing requires using a computer, you know how much I hate technology. I get in places that i don’t know what to do.

Holy Spirit: That’s part of the world you live in, I know some folks that can help you deal with it. You’ve had some experiences to write about, I’ll help bring them to your mind.

I: There’s another issue, interacting with people. I’m not comfortable sharing my life with others.

Jesus: I love people! Tell them about me. Sometimes I can be funny, tell them that too.

Me: You mean like this house you led me to? The type I swore I’d never live in?

God: You’re catching on!

And so my story begins…